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You can give something that is relatively fast acting orally (minutes not seconds) but it will be highly dose dependent and you can kill someone if you don't give the dose within a really tight tolerance.Drugs that depress basic brain functions simply won't work if the dose is too low and will kill a person if it is too high.If someone crushed it in a drink, you probably wouldn't get enough after just a couple of sips to be knocked out-- unless someone put it in a shot, but then you probably wouldn't have a lot of time to think.I have Ambien because I have bad insomnia, and I have a regular medication I take daily that helps a lot, so I don't take Ambien often-- mostly when my sleep schedule gets upset, and I need to reset it, and occasionally when I had "super-insomnia" attacks, when I just can't sleep without additional medicine.I know it's not an approved drug, but hey, it was the 70's.I'm having dental surgery soon, and even sven's experience makes me wish I could take a Xanax, but I have to drive myself home so it's nothing but the needle in the jaw.It is a benzodiazepine that causes drowsiness as a side effect. If Cosby used a drug that powerful on as many women as he used it on, some of them would likely have ended up dead.Most likely he used the same old standbys, alcohol and GHB or similar and relied on the women being too confused, ashamed and frightened to make any accusations. That said, I think you would need to take the whole pill at once for the "immediacy" effect.

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I suppose if you have taken Ambien before, you might be familiar with its effects enough to know when you have had a small amount, but then I would think you would put the glass down and stop drinking, because after two sips, I wouldn't think you'd have enough of it to be out of control, even if you'd be woozy. Versed makes you forget, so I doubt someone could describe the situation so well if Versed were used, although I suppose some kind of alcohol-Versed-Ambien cocktail could have a compounding effect in regard to making someone lose control or pass out, but there wouldn't be enough Versed to cause a blackout.

That's not the same thing as immediately blackness. It makes you sleep and it has a reputation as a hypnotic.

I actually was given chloral hydrate once for a medical test where I had to be asleep and I couldn't fall asleep at 10 in the morning.

That isn't something you can simply look up either.

It is highly individual specific and takes real-time monitoring to work out. I have no doubt that that many people take advantage of people when they have had too much to drink over a few hours but is there any plausible drug that can be slipped into a drink that will serve as a shortcut after a few sips?

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