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Real-life husband-and-wife duo Emily Axford and Brian K. Murph) star as heightened versions of themselves, as they did on the web series.“We try to come up with some kind of relatable nugget from relationship life and play that out with Murph and Emily,” Axford tells EW.“Our characters that are real hot messes and go on these crazy, awful dates, we end up having to pull that [material] from other people,” said Murphy.“Our own stories that we do as the main narrative arc end up being the things that are pulled from our real life, like Emily refusing to go to the doctor and drinking mushroom tea instead.” “My friend had an ongoing thing that she was telling me about and I was like, ‘This is a nightmare,’ ” said Axford.Will is the host of a mystery podcast and he’s searching for where all of his friends went, and it’s sort of revealed that maybe he’s a little bit of a jerk.” So where do Axford and Murphy get their comedic inspiration?From their “hot mess friends,” said Axford with a laugh.

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“They obviously have such big comedic voices, and I wanted to be part of them taking that to a longer format and letting them take the ball and run with it — which they did in such a glorious way.

DESCRIPTION:(from Pop's press release, July 2017) Hey, U Up? Whether they're swiping right, casually dating or hitched and happy, viewers will be hooking up with HOT DATE, an innovative relationship comedy from Pop and College Humor that kicks off production this week in Chicago.

Executive produced by Will Arnett ("Arrested Development," "30 Rock") alongside College Humor and its production studio Big Breakfast, HOT DATE chronicles the hilarious social mores of dating, sex and marriage in a 10-episode original television series.

“I think that no matter who you are — and this is going to sound corny, potentially — but just as human beings, it’s a weird thing, navigating all of that stuff,” he said.

“And one of the great things that Emily and Murph really kind of touch on is that it’s really just about characters and personalities.

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