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A few basic points that the majority of Christians agree on; any disagreement will be mentioned in the entry for the appropriate sect!

: The simplest definition of "Christian" is a person who calls themself a Christian.

While Christianity shares many of the same principles with Judaism and Islam, it is also very different because of influence from the Church Fathers and Roman culture: Most Christians can agree on at least that much. There are in-house disagreements on even these bare bones of its history.

In fact, you can make a good case that a defining attribute of Christianity is the wide variety of ways the teachings are applied in religions.

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Christianity has had a huge impact on world history and Judeo-Christian faith later inspired a new religion known as Islam founded by Muhammad.Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that originated in what is now Israel in the 1st century A. Originally one of several reformist sects of Judaism at the time, the movement of Jesus' followers opened its doors to non-Jews some time in the first hundred years after Jesus' death and gradually became a religion separate from if still linked to Judaism: Christianity.Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, despite systematic persecution of Christians, and in the 4th century became the official religion of the Empire, and thereafter the dominant religion throughout Europe and the western world.Of course, depending on who you ask, this means different things.Note that some liberal denominations reject the notion of external salvation entirely, and only focus on Jesus' message of compassion and forgiveness while not focusing so much, if at all, on His teachings on personal morality and sanctification.

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