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BEIRUT: Wango, which is short for "Wana-go", has been viewed by its users as Tinder's more well-bread, tailored younger brother.

With a gentlemen's code to be abided by from its male users, Wango's CEO Julian Smida, describes the app as being "a safe haven for both sexes to engage in a conversation without the tagline of a one night stand temporary hanging in the midst of its opening chats." The beauty of Wango – other than it being a Lebanese based application – is that it forces upon an ecosystem of respectfulness, safety and comfort for users, with a focus on women.

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is the best and most serious chating and dating website 100% free dedicated primarily to date between people who are interested by the Lebanese culture.

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Wango offers much more than the simple mechanical rhythm of a purely matching and un-matching system, the app also offers a list of conversation starters which would allow the chat between users to have meaning instead of falling in the sole realm of physical attraction.

"The conversational ice breakers we offer in Wango lets the dialogue have a sort of taste, keeping it interesting for both the sexes while directing the conversation between both matchers to develop a sort of connection," Smida told Annahar.

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