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Inasmuch as the board will hold 8 megabytes, I was puzzled.

I was unable to get through to Progressive Peripherals by telephone.

5" Quantum Pro Drive hard diskdrives, provide turbo performance and unbeatable value at list prices as low as $ 18.00 per Mega Byte! PLANK AVENUE, PAOLI, PA 19301 TEL (215) 889-9411 FAX (215) 889-9416 GOLD DISK's Professional Draw 1.0 by R. The Amiga painting software wars have taken another step forward with the release of Professional Draw by Gold Disk.

The Quantum Pro Drives provide average access times as low as 11 ms with their built-in 64KB read-ahead cache and offer a MTBF of 50.000 hours which is almost twice the industry average, AUTOBOOT EPROMS AMIGA 500 USERS! Already heralded as a primo Amiga developer, with tides like Comic Setter, Movie Serter and their line of Desktop Publishing masterworks, Gold Disk has now produced an innovative painting program.

Anti-Virus is guaranteed to stop any Amiga virus, before it inflicts damage. TELECOMMUNICATIONS MODULE Based on the most popular telecommunications program for the Amiga. IHil Product of'Gaaada Irrinteaiin Tganadal Q v' wwf& '' , ¦¦ % s .... Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS), Part I by Steve Bender Voltage spikes, surges, powder failures? Aegis’s Audio Master II by Phil Saunders The newest rendition of Aegis’s sound sampling and editing program is reviewed. AMAZING DEPARTMENTS Amazing Mail Index of Advertisers Reader Service Card Public Domain Software Catalog Product Guide Additions and Corrections 102 e Joyce Hicks Robert J. ks that littered your desk was to do another full back up. AMIGA™ is a registered trademark ol Commodore-Amiga. Dear Amazing Computing: I am considering the purchase of an A501 internal RAM expansion module for my Amiga 500.

Anti-Virus comes with a unique visual Anti-Virus bootblock which displays the Anti-Virus logo onscreen every time the Amiga is turned on or warm-booted. It has X-, WX-, Y- and Z-modem, Kermit, Sadie simultaneous file transfer and chat), and both Compu Serve® B Protocols. New Wave Software’s Dynamic Studio by Chuck Raudonis New Wave’s on a roll with this followr-up to Dynamic Drums. T’s MIDI Recording Studio by Tim Mohansingh A high-performance, low-budget remedy for your MIDI ills. Brad A ndrews Alien Syndrome and Tetris are among the new Amiga games reviewed this time around. Hicks Doris Gamble Trad Desmarais Donna Viveiros Virginia Terry Hicks Robert Gamble Don Hlcks Ernes! This method is inconvenient and requires a whole new set of unformatted floppy disks. First Class or Air Mail rates available upon request. It is my understanding that some programs will not run with expansion memory present.

After installing the board in accordance with instructions in the manual, I ran the memory test diagnostic software whidi came widi die Proram 2000.

Almost at once it informed me that I had too much memory.

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White Produce impressive sound effects with sampled sounds. Sands Arsenic and interlace Oran reveals the secrets hidden beneath the flicker mode, On the Crafting of Programs by David J. C Notes from the C Group by Stephen Kemp Steve makes good on his promise to discuss formatted output functions.

Swansea One Hour Photo Amazing Computing™ (ISSN 0886-9480) is published monthly by Pi M Publications, Inc., Currant Road, P. Recendy I purchased a Proram 2000 memory expansion board widi 2 megabytes installed.

I ran it through three complete thirty-five minute cycles. I reinstalled die bridgeboard and found everything worked as expected, the PC programs, the memory expansion, everything. It has evolved into a useful tool next to my Amiga, unlike other magazines that collect fluff and dust.

Next, I'd like to tell you about a problem I’ve been having using LIBRARY calls.

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