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To date, only two studies have focused on the gut microbiomes of communities exclusively eating local, non-industrially produced foods: a study by De Filippo et al.included adults with more diverse diets including industrial goods such as soda in Malawi, and milk products, canned products and soda in Venezuela.We used targeted amplification and sequencing of the V4 region of the 16S r RNA gene (Methods), followed by clustering of sequences into Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs).We find that the Matses and Tunapuco populations have higher richness than the Norman population.Understanding the human microbiome has the potential to transform health and medicine.Yet, despite large-scale sequencing efforts, the full extent of human gut microbial diversity remains underexplored. Nick Sheridan, Cory Zirbel, Ricky Reyes, Ohene Opong-Owusu, Andre Criswell, Tim North, Zoltan Mesko, Carson Butler, Mark Ortmann, Tim Mc Avoy, Jason Olesnavage, David Moosman, Kevin Grady, Mike Milano, La Terryal Savoy, Stevie Brown Jason Kates, Mike Therman, Greg Banks, Adam Patterson, Jon Conover, Mark Moundros, Carlos Brown, Brandon Graham, Brandon Minor, Bryant Nowicki, Michael Ramirez, Perry Dorrestein, Bryan Wright, John Ferrara, David Cone, Stephen Schilling, Obi Ezeh, Greg Mathews Martell Webb, Toney Clemons, Zion Babb, Jonas Mouton, Donovan Warren, Jordan Reilly, Will Heininger, Karl Tech, Doug Rogan, Tom Pomarico, Steven Threet, David Molk, Junior Hemingway, Ryan Van Bergen, James Rogers, Brandon Herron, Artis Chambers, Jimmy Potempa, Troy Woolfolk, Michael Williams Paul Gyarmati, Michael Shaw, Martavious Odoms, Mark Huyge, Avery Horn, Steve Watson, Marell Evans, Jon Bills, John Mc Colgan, Zac Ciullo, Scott Schrimscher, Renaldo Sagesse, Kevin Leach, Vince Helmuth, Zach Johnson, Tony Anderson, Mike Fish, Roy Roundtree, Boubacar Cissoko, Brandon Smith Floyd Simmons, Kurt Wermers, Taylor Hill, J. Fitzgerald, Kevin Koger, Michael Cox, Elliott Mealer, George Morales, Dann O'Neill, Mike Martin, Kenny Demens, Patrick Omameh, Brandon Moore, Rocko Khoury, Darryl Stonum, Ricky Barnum, Sam Mc Guffie, Terrence Robinson, Justin Feagin, J. Floyd Matt Lewis, Bob Bland, Brett Mc Giness, Rick Brandt, Larry Martin, Kevin Undeen, Charlie Rhodes, Eric Wong, Taylor Morgan, Nick Shaw, Brent Pantaleo, Phil Bromley, Dr. Lopata, Austin Panter, Morgan Trent, John Thompson, Terrance Taylor, Will Johnson, head coach Rich Rodriguez, Tim Jamison, Mike Massey, Charles Stewart, Brandon Harrison, Sean Griffin, Doug Dutch, Shakir Edwards. Daniel Hendrickson, Vahan Agbabian, Paul Schmidt, Lenny Navitskis, Phil Johnson, Erik Rodriguez Bryan Wright, Dan Hott, Adam Braithwaite, Jahmile Addae, Bob Mc Clain, Alex Herron, Mike Parrish, Dusty Rutledge, Autumn Barwis, Bobby Jarvis, Parker Whiteman, Dennis Murray, Eric Smith, Kentaro Tamura, Kassandra Baier, Jesse Miller, Josh Ison, Chris Allen, Chris Singletary, Scott Draper, Jon Falk, Brad Labadie Bentley Libary Homepage Athletic History Sport History Baseball (M) Basketball (M) Basketball (W) Cross Country (M) Cross Country (W) Field Hockey Football Golf (M) Golf (W) Gymnastics (M) Gymnastics (W) Ice Hockey Rowing (M) Rowing (W) Soccer (M) Soccer (W) Softball Swimming (M) Swimming (W) Synch.

Studies of peoples maintaining traditional subsistence practices are critical for understanding the ancestral state of the human microbiome and providing a foundation for understanding how the human microbiome responds to urbanism and Westernization, especially regarding diseases of civilization, such as obesity and chronic inflammatory disorders.

Their main sources of nutrition include stem tubers such as potatoes (Solanum tuberosum spp.) and root tubers like oca (Oxalis tuberosa) and mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum), which they eat at every meal.

Tocosh, a typical dish of the central Andes made out of potatoes that have been fermented in wet soil, is eaten at least once a week by families in Tunapuco (Supplementary Table 2).

Moreover, through genome reconstruction (2.2–2.5 MB, coverage depth × 26–513) and functional potential characterization, we discover these Treponema are diverse, fall outside of pathogenic clades and are similar to Treponema succinifaciens, a known carbohydrate metabolizer in swine.

Gut Treponema are found in non-human primates and all traditional peoples studied to date, suggesting they are symbionts lost in urban-industrialized societies.

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