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TV has been rewarded for its recent strides in diversity in awards shows and its upcoming program schedule.However, the small screen has been viewed as miles ahead of the film industry when it comes to showcasing diverse talent.And Robin (Sanaa Lathan’s character) is about to be a mother.We’re close friends in the movie.”Sanaa: “I just think there’s a reason some movies become classics and I think this is a new classic, and the reason why is because it doesn’t matter if you are black, what social economic background you have; it doesn’t matter who you are…you can relate to these characters.“I don’t think any of us thought about race when we did this,” Rosenthal told “I think we were just making a movie and it was just about people in a place and relationships.It was refreshing to not put it in that context and not put a label on it. We all came together about two years ago and he pitched us the idea.And the idea was so great we got excited and said, “Write it!

“The more diverse movies that make money, (the more) they will start making. Her co-star Ealy said that he hopes for “The Perfect Guy” to see the same box office numbers as his “Think Like a Man” sequel, which drew a wide audience last summer.And it’s to marginalize us because it’s like some kind of a freak thing that we’ve made all this money off this movie.That’s a problem for me,” she was quoted as saying.Chestnut recalled his lengthy career in the movie business — including his standout performance in “Boyz n the Hood,” co-starring Ice Cube — when noting a change in how film diversity is marketed.While his former co-star from the classic film about urban life dominates the box office with “Straight Outta Compton,” Chestnut ultimately believes that color really doesn’t matter.

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