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Despite the intended anti-drug message of the album, some bands later admitted in interviews that the Moscow Music Peace Festival period ironically included much drug use.One notable event in that matter was Ozzy Osbourne who strongly expressed his views against drug abuse during the press conference straight after his performance.They felt Mc Ghee was favoring Bon Jovi, whom he also managed, and whom Crüe disdained.

This was the first time that an audience had been allowed to stand up and dance at a stadium rock concert in the Soviet Union. The performances were shown on TV and are recapped in a video directed by Wayne Isham.As a condition of his parole he was to use his influence in the music world to start an anti-drug foundation.Even though Ozzy Osbourne, Richie Sambora, and most of the members of Mötley Crüe (particularly Nikki Sixx) were known for drug/alcohol abuse.After having completed the press conference it was that same Ozzy Osbourne who had to be helped through the narrow corridor leading back to the dressing rooms after continuously stumbling into both facing walls, not being able to walk straight.Noted in books such as Bang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal, the concert also showcased the ego clashes which eventually helped lead to the collapse of glam metal shortly thereafter.

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